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<span style="color:#990000;font-weight:bold;">New</span> Recover AI<sup>™</sup> Support Healthy Response
Size: 60 tablets Item: 7078

Recover AI is now patented! U.S. Patent #9,352,008
Promotes healthy response during and after workouts to support healthy joint and muscle function.

<span style="color:#990000; font-weight:bold">Limited Time</span> <em>NutraView</em><sup>®</sup> Vision Support
Size: 15 sachets Item: 3918

NutraView combines scientifically researched levels of lutein from Marigold flower and zeaxanthin from paprika plus other beneficial ingredients to support eye health. Available as liquid in sachets.

Size: 6 bottles Item: 4955

The new Mel-Up2000 offers sparkling juice sensation with white grape juice, doubled royal jelly amount (2000mg), acerola, camu-camu, vitamin C, taurine & vitamin B-complex! It helps to boost energy level and bring out your rosy glow so that you are at your best!

Mel-Up 1000 Twin Pack <b style="color:#900;">Save $20.10</b>
Size: 2 products Item: 3964

Boost energy and nourish skin with the goodness of royal jelly.

Peak Performance™ for Women
Size: 30 AM & PM Packets Item: 860

Targeted, research-supported nutrition to improve general heart, metabolic and cellular health, so you get the most from your efforts every day.

Peak Performance™ for Men
Size: 30 AM & PM Packets Item: 861

Targeted, research-supported nutrition to improve general heart, metabolic and cellular health, so you get the most from your efforts every day.

Peak Performance™ for 50+
Size: 30 AM & PM Packets Item: 862

Targeted, research-supported nutrition to improve general heart, metabolic and cellular health, so you get the most from your efforts every day.

<span style="color:#990000;font-weight:bold">New</span> <i>Unforgettables</i><sup>®</sup> Cognitive Support
Size: 30 softgels Item: 8654

Give yourself a daily, natural brain boost. Powered by a US patent-pending formula including natural phosphatidylserine and omega-3’s, it helps support memory, concentration, and recall.

Koala Pals™ Multivitamin Supplement
Size: 120 tablets Item: 499
  • Only kids’ chewable with Oligofructose Complex®
  • Research-recommended amounts of 22 vitamins and minerals
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners
<i>Koala Pals</i><sup>®</sup> Shakeables - Rich Milk Chocolate
Size: 15 servings Item: 1057
  • Contains 22 essential nutrients with Oligo for maximum absorption.
  • This delicious chocolate shake is a good source of fiber and protein.
  • The perfect solution to fill the gaps in your child’s diet.
<i>CellWise</i><sup>®</sup> Antioxidant
Size: 60 tablets Item: 7780

The effects of aging are accelerated by free radicals. Help fight free radicals from head to toe with broad spectrum antioxidant power.

Vitality Coldwater Omega-3
Size: 90 softgels Item: 1545

Pure, concentrated DHA and EPA Omega-3’s for superior cardiovascular and brain health benefits. Three softgels include the research-recommended dose with no fishy aftertaste.

<i>NutraView</i><sup>®</sup> Vision Support
Size: 60 softgels Item: 2855

Get superior vision support in high-glare and low-light conditions while promoting macula, retina, and lens health. Just 2 softgels a day helps maintain your visual acuity.

ProstAvan® Prostate Support
Size: 30 softgels Item: 2056
  • Promotes proper prostate and urinary tract health.*
  • Therapeutic amounts of lycopene and saw palmetto berry
  • Added minerals and antioxidants for more protection
Size: 90 tablets Item: 1691
  • Helps support joint mobility*
  • Helps maintain healthy joint cartilage*
  • Utilizes more-easily-absorbable glucosamine HCl
<i>Replenex</i><sup>®</sup> Extra Strength
Size: 90 tablets Item: 1693

Get the soothing comfort your joints need after exertion with a powerful blend of ingredients that helps cushion joints, rebuild cartilage, and support joint flexibility.

EstrAval® Menopause Support
Size: 60 capsules Item: 2390
  • Helps balance your monthly cycle*
  • Offers relief from monthly discomforts*
  • Helps ease menopausal symptoms*
<i>Florify</i><sup>®</sup> Probiotic Capsules
Size: 30 Capsules Item: 4304
  • Build and maintain a healthy digestive system while supporting immunity.
  • Boost the absorption of nutrients consumed in food and nutritional supplements.
  • Replenish the natural balance of good flora in your digestive tract.
  • Protect against occasional digestive upsets.
CoQ10+™ Cellular Energy Support
Size: 30 softgels Item: 2195

CoQ10+™ provides the fundamental fuel that high energy organs–like the heart–need for proper daily function, plus powerful antioxidant support.

Activate Immune Complex<sup>®</sup> – Immunity Booster
Size: 60 capsules Item: 2562

Boost your body's natural defenses and strengthen your immune system with the natural power of echinacea, zinc, vitamin C, and other natural ingredients.

Luminex<sup>®</sup> St. John
Size: 90 capsules Item: 2380
  • Helps naturally maintain a balanced mood*
  • Patented formula helps maintain healthy brain communication*
  • Helps you effectively deal with life’s ups and downs*
Size: 60 capsules Item: 2000
  • Maintains healthy blood pressure, reduces LDL oxidation, and promotes healthy platelet activity
  • Patented blend of grape seed/skin extract, resveratrol, quercetin, green tea extract, bromelain
  • Antioxidant power of 10,000 grapes in every bottle
Size: 120 softgels Item: 2155
  • Helps naturally lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels for a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Helps reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Powered by a patent-pending blend of natural phytosterols, omega-3s, CoQ10, and alpha lipoic acid
CardiOmega EPA
Size: 120 softgels Item: 1548

Specifically formulated to promote rapid recovery and support cardiovascular health.

Size: 30 tablets Item: 3900
  • High concentration of Hibiscus Sabdariffag to help reduce fatigue
  • Detoxifying power of Cynara Scolymus Leaf help cleanse and maintain body functions
  • Lecithin promotes metabolism and boosts overall health
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