Loyalty Shopping Dollars

Melaleuca offers Loyalty Shopping Dollars as a reward for being a loyal customer Any customer with a minimum 35 product point commitment may participate.

Sign up to earn 10% in Loyalty Shopping Dollars

How to use your Loyalty Shopping Dollars

To purchase an item with Loyalty Shopping Dollars, simply place the item in your shopping cart and click the checkbox next to "Purchase with Loyalty Shopping Dollars." The points and price of those items will then be removed from your shopping cart. Remember, you must meet your monthly product point commitment in order to check out with your Loyalty Shopping Dollar products.

Most Melaleuca products can be purchased with Loyalty Shopping Dollars. Loyalty Shopping Dollars are not earned on Backup Orders.

How It Works
  • At Check Out

    When you check out, look for the check box to "Loyalty Shopping Dollars".

  • Review Cart
  • Things to

Other Program Terms

Loyalty Shopping Dollars cannot be used to purchase specials, packs, products without points, discounted items, and sales aids; or to pay for shipping, handling or taxes; or to pay for annual renewal fee or membership fees.

No Product Points will be given for products purchased in whole or in part with Loyalty Shopping Dollars.

At the time of cancellation or discontinuation of Preferred Customer status, Preferred Customers will forfeit all Loyalty Shopping Dollars in their account.

Loyalty Shopping Dollars redemptions can only occur with a minimum Product Point order. Redemption fee, shipping and tax may apply.

Melaleuca reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Loyalty Shopping Dollars program without notice at any time.

How to Earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars

Order Earlier to Earn More Loyalty Shopping Dollars through the Lifetime VIP Program

For Lifetime VIP customers, when you place an order on/before 25th of the month, you will be eligible to earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars.

2020 Rewards Diagram
  • Lifetime VIP Customers who shop on/before the 25th of every month will earn 10% Loyalty Shopping Dollars.
  • Preferred Customers (in their 7th month onwards) who shop on/before the 25th of every month will earn 5% Loyalty Shopping Dollars.
  • Orders placed after the 25th will NOT earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars.

Once you have accumulated any amount of Loyalty Shopping Dollars, you can redeem your Loyalty Shopping Dollars for FREE Products. You must be a Preferred Customer to redeem your Loyalty Shopping Dollars.

Loyalty Shopping Dollars are earned as a percentage of Product Points purchased multiplied by a conversion factor based on country.

Sample Reward Calculation: A customer placing a 71 points order before 15th earns S$8.90 Loyalty Shopping Dollars. (71 points x 10% x 1.25)

Earn Up to 120% of Loyalty Shopping Dollars on Shipping & Handling Fees for Web Purchases ONLY!

  • Shipping & handling fees for all purchases including the purchases of Value Pack/Home Conversion Pack will be charged a fixed rate of S$9.90 for Singapore.
  • All WEB purchases only amounting of 45 product points or more in a single invoice will be awarded S$11.90 Loyalty Shopping Dollars.
  • Shop online to enjoy this great benefit and use the Loyalty Shopping Dollars to purchase your favourite products or try more products anytime you like!

Earn Loyalty Shopping Dollar through Renewal of Membership

You will earn S$22 Loyalty Shopping Dollars when you renew your annual membership fee.

S$22 Loyalty Shopping Dollars will be automatically credited to your account within 30 days once you've paid your renewal fee.

Sales Promotion Offering Loyalty Shopping Dollars for New and Existing Customers

New and existing customers have the opprtunity to earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars through our attractive Sales Promotions.

Please do refer to the Sales Promotions offered for the month (vary from month to month) for the complete terms and conditions stated on how to earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars.